We connect university goals with actionable, data-driven marketing and enrollment plans. MindMax’s Advisory Services begin with assessment, focused questioning, and research on both the internal and external factors that impact your school’s ability to successfully market, recruit, and enroll students in your programs. Based on our findings, we develop practical, deliverable plans to grow your university’s enrollment. These data-supported roadmaps empower your internal team and stakeholders to move forward with clarity and set goals. Our most popular Advisory Services include:

Digital Marketing Roadmap
Business Operations Process Assessment & Roadmap
Technology Operations Process Assessment & Roadmap
Enrollment Operations Process Assessment & Roadmap
Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Roadmap
Market Feasibility Assessment & Recommendations Report
Product Rationalization Assessment & Recommendations Report

Our digital marketing blueprint starts with an assessment of the overall marketing capabilities of your university or a specific university program. We then develop a customized plan that builds upon your institution’s current efforts to attract and nurture potential student leads through to enrollment. Tailored to the context and needs of each university program, the blueprint typically includes strategies and recommendations for a full range of digital marketing activities, including email campaigns, social media outreach, blogging content and schedule, webinars, and other online events.

The business operations process assessment and roadmap looks inward to evaluate your school’s internal business capabilities to support marketing and enrollment efforts. We then identify business processes, resources, and technologies needed to meet future student demand. The roadmap also includes a budget, a timeline for optimal operations, resource allocation, and process maps.

This roadmap ensures that the critical supportive technology, ecosystem, and integrations undergirding the enrollment process are fully utilized and effective, and includes recommendations for other technologies that may be needed to help reach enrollment goals. Through this strategic advisory engagement, we develop an actionable roadmap to implement a technology infrastructure, including future technologies that may be needed, customized to your institution’s programs and goals.

The enrollment operations process assessment and roadmap focuses on the later stages of the enrollment funnel, specifically how your university drives prospective students towards application, registration, and enrollment. We develop a detailed plan that enhances and augments those processes already in place to accelerate enrollment during this critical stage of the student lifecycle.

The purpose of an SEM roadmap is to ensure that no opportunity is missed to enroll potential students in your university programs. This plan addresses the full lifecycle of student enrollment and enables your school’s internal resources to implement the processes, technologies, and toolsets to achieve their enrollment goals. With our SEM strategic advisory engagements, MindMax sets out to move a school from a culture of intention to a culture of evidence. Preliminary SEM goals for our university partners include:

  • Consistently practicing data-driven decision making
  • Becoming more systematic about lead engagement
  • Familiarizing the university’s internal marketing team, across the division or institution, with their enrollment management system
  • Creating an exceptional experience for students engaging with your school

This report focuses on examining market demand for your university’s programs and the university’s internal capabilities to meet that demand. We identify any gaps in between your programs and demand in the market. This strategic advisory engagement results in a marketing roadmap, operations budget, and timeline for the program(s) being assessed, as well as recommendations to address immediate opportunity with projected enrollment numbers. We also offer counsel on messaging and communication strategies needed to reach those prospective students in the marketplace and target student profiles.

We understand that universities must work within their budgets and resources, and the purpose of MindMax’s program rationalization engagements is to identify how your resources should be applied for the greatest impact on student enrollment. We consider three dimensions in evaluating the programs a school should focus their resources and attention:

  1. Top line revenue that the program will drive for the institution as a whole
  2. Profit or contribution to the unit, specifically the net income after delivering the program including delivery cost
  3. Alignment with institutional mission

The results are actionable recommendations to most profitably and effectively direct your resources to increase enrollment.

The Four Business Models Behind Continuing, Professional, and Online Education Units

Our latest whitepaper is an introduction to the four most common business models in continuing, professional, and online education, with recommendations on how to leverage strengths, mitigate challenges and drive success within each model.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • What are the four most common business models and examples of each
  • The challenges and advantages associated with each model
  • Areas to focus on to ensure that your model is successful
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