At MindMax, we believe in the principle, “Measure twice, cut once.” Before you invest in marketing or enrollment services, let us create a plan that’s strategically sound.

Advisory Services are short-term engagements that produce an actionable plan in marketing, enrollment, data analysis, or student experience or a combination of the four. These insights and recommendations empower you to move forward with clarity and concrete, measurable goals. 

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Advisory Service Process

  • Assessment
    Every advisory engagement begins with an assessment of your current capabilities.
  • Customized Planning
    We then develop a customized roadmap tailored to your institution’s needs and goals.
  • Actionable Deliverable
    The end product is a plan with recommendations and actionable next steps.

Partnering with MindMax ensures your strategic plan is practical, actionable, and based on proven practices to save you time and financial resources. The deliverables enable you to execute the plan with your own internal or external team. MindMax is happy to offer competitively priced additional services and deliverables to our advisory clients.

Digital Marketing Blueprint
Marketing & Enrollment Data Analysis
Strategic Enrollment Road Map
Prospective Student Experience Report
  • Assessment: A thorough review of your school’s overall marketing capabilities (the entire institution or a specific department or program, depending on the engagement)
  • Customized Planning: Developing strategies that leverage your institution’s current marketing efforts to attract, nurture, and enroll potential students
  • Deliverable: Strategies and recommendations for a full range of digital marketing activities: demand generation through digital advertising, email campaigns, social media outreach, blogging, webinars, and more
  • Assessment: An audit of the metrics of your marketing and enrollment strategies (e.g., website traffic; email open rates; ad spend ROI; conversion from application to enrollment, etc.)
  • Customized Planning: Assessing areas that may be underperforming and identifying areas that can be leveraged to further improve results
  • Deliverable: Comprehensive reporting on your institution’s marketing and enrollment data through our Enrollment Intelligence (EI) dashboard; suggested activities to maximize success and reduce unnecessary expenses
  • Assessment: Evaluation of your current enrollment funnel, which includes the activities and processes after students have indicated interest in your program
  • Customized Planning: Design workflows and process mapping that refine your current processes to drive prospective students toward application, registration, and enrollment
  • Deliverable: Strategies and recommendations to decrease the consideration period and accelerate student enrollment during this critical stage of the student lifecycle
  • Assessment: Review marketing and enrollment funnels and processes from a user experience (UX) perspective
  • Customized Planning: Analyze assessment data and feedback from prospective students to recommend improvements in technology, accessibility, design, and processes
  • Deliverable: A plan for building responsive, user-friendly systems that provide the information and support students need to move through the consideration phase and toward enrollment

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The Four Business Models Behind Continuing, Professional, and Online Education Units

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