MindMax integrates with your marketing team to provide complementary expertise, capacity, or full-sourced marketing and enrollment solutions—with measurable results. We stay on the leading edge of performance marketing and enrollment strategies and offer a full menu of services to our partner universities. We have the expertise and capabilities to implement all types of digital marketing campaigns to reach today’s adult learner. Our comprehensive enrollment services serve students every step of the enrollment process to most effectively drive enrollment numbers. We work in tandem with your marketing team to augment and expand your existing efforts to reach and engage potential students.

Marketing Services

The MindMax marketing team focuses on influencing the lifecycle of the prospective student. We build effective and nimble strategies tailored to meet the enrollment goals of our university partners. Using messaging and tactics to reach our clients’ target students, we are in the right place, at the right time when a future student is ready to take the next step in exploring an educational program. We utilize the latest digital marketing strategies and technologies to:

Reach the prospective student and introduce them to our partner university’s programs

Acquire the student as a qualified lead

Nurture the student as they consider the right course or program for them

Enroll the student in the appropriate program

Encourage the student to become an advocate for our partner university

Our marketing services include:

Strategy & Planning
Qualified Demand Generation
Digital Advertising Management
Social Media Management
Lead Nurturing
Content Marketing
Website SEO

First we get to know you, our partner university. We learn about your programs and enrollment goals, and collect key enrollment data. We then develop an enrollment and marketing strategy to meet the overall goals of your university and programs.

We target qualified prospective students through our customized marketing programs designed to drive awareness and interest in your school’s programs.

MindMax provides end-to-end management of online lead generation, including paid search, search engine optimization, social media marketing, display advertising, and remarketing.

Before building your university’s digital presence, we work closely with you to identify your school’s social media goals. Whether you’re looking to grow followers, broaden awareness of your school’s brand, increase visits to the website, or generate conversions, we determine the most effective ad channel and ad format. Our team supports all aspects of the campaign, including content development, defining the target audience, reviewing performance, and optimizing various technologies.

Lead nurturing is the process of developing a thoughtful, tailored relationship with prospective students at every stage of the enrollment process and through each step of their buying journey with your university. Lead nurturing uses marketing and communication channels to listen and respond accordingly to the needs expressed by prospective students—offering more information, or less, based on their actions and behavior.

At the core of a school’s marketing programs should be program-specific and industry-related content that is both useful and relevant to potential students. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately, to drive prospective student action.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. SEO is key to driving prospective students to your school’s website through various online platforms.

Enrollment Management Center

Always maintaining consistency with your university’s brand, our experienced enrollment team guides and informs potential students on the benefits of your programs and assists with enrollment requirements. Our Enrollment Management Center includes live chat, outreach, and social and content communication to engage with interested students. These services are customizable to your school’s specific needs. Our Enrollment Management services include:

Live Chat Management
Inbound and Outbound Phone Management
Enrollment Coaching

Live chat is a frequently preferred means of communication for potential students trying to learn more about your school and programs. MindMax can quickly create a chat group that can be added to your web properties, staffed by our experienced enrollment management team. Live chat includes robust reporting and chat transcripts, and can be integrated back to your CRM to record potential leads and chat activity.

Students can call our enrollment team directly to learn more about your university’s programs and for assistance enrolling. We also regularly engage with interested students via proactive, data-driven outbound calling. All student interactions are captured and reported.

MindMax’s enrollment team can coach your internal marketing team on best practices, focusing on key program components to include in messaging and how to help students overcome common obstacles to enrollment. Enrollment coaching is typically delivered with onsite training and includes reference collateral.

Recorded Webinar

From Spreadsheets to Salesforce.com: Using CRM to Increase Internal Efficiencies and Improve Student Experience

Are you making the most of your human talent to engage with prospective students? How can CRM technology enable your unit to better support student success?

Collecting and organizing data in enrollment management is a critical, yet often complex and inefficient, process for schools.

That’s why regardless of your current situation – exploring CRM, transitioning to CRM, or optimizing within your existing CRM – it’s critical to identify your biggest process pain points, start small, and consistently iterate to see lasting improvements for your internal team and prospective students.

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