MindMax offers flexible technology solutions—we can work with your unit or university’s current technologies or provide access to leading marketing and enrollment technology solutions. Our best-in-class technology solutions are platform agnostic and integrate with your existing solutions or through our cloud-hosted technologies.

Optimizing Your University’s Existing Technology

MindMax can help your university realize the value of your current technology solutions. We work closely with your technology applications to ensure they are being most effectively administered and optimized.

Functional Assessment, Strategy, and Planning

After listening to our university partner, assessing their current access to technology and existing processes, we work to develop a strategy to meet the needs of the school or program (such as information capture, tracking, reporting, or communication). The best solution may be optimizing your school’s existing technology, or you may choose to implement new technologies to reach your school’s enrollment goals.

Access to Best-in-Class Marketing Technologies

In order to reach your university’s enrollment goals, you may consider augmenting your existing technologies with newer and more efficient solutions. MindMax provides access, administration, and expertise on the top marketing technologies for higher education. Our Technology Solutions include:

Google Analytics for Higher Education Google Analytics
Salesforce for Higher Education Salesforce
Salesforce Pardot for Higher Education Pardot
Fonteca eCommerce for Higher Education Fonteva eCommerce

Web Analytics

The market leader in web analytics, Google Analytics tracks and monitors various aspects of your web properties. Through the analysis of site visitor behaviors, analytics can determine the strengths and weaknesses of your university’s site, set goals to track visitors, and report on the progress of various marketing campaigns.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Engaging with your school and programs should be personalized for potential students. We can provide your school with access to Salesforce, typically in a matter of weeks. We understand the nuances of higher education and will work closely with you and your team to determine the type of implementation that makes sense for your university. Salesforce can track your leads, prospects, students, and alumni, including every interaction your university has with them, their path to enrollment, and their past and future enrollments. Salesforce provides communications and automated workflows that help your team work more effectively.

Marketing Automation System

Pardot allows your school to build, manage, and utilize a variety of lead generation components. These include landing pages, inquiry forms, lead nurturing email sequences, and broadcasts. Pardot also tracks visitor behavior on your school’s website. This level of detail allows you to prioritize and better segment your leads, communicate with more targeted marketing content, and determine when the enrollment management team should provide more personalized outreach to potential students. Pardot reporting measures the success of marketing campaigns in the form of open rates, click throughs, ROI, and more.

Shopping Cart

MindMax’s shopping cart allows for quick and easy course purchases that fully integrate with Salesforce. Additionally, our cart offers robust functionality, including promotional codes and offers, discounts, program bundles, and the ability to offer payment plans.

Enrollment Intelligence

Our Enrollment Intelligence tool brings universities centralized reporting and dashboards with data capture and analysis. Because our technologies are platform agnostic, we have the ability to integrate any number of disparate systems and data sources, without limitation of data sets. We provide powerful dashboard reporting to any number of users within your institution. There are options for direct system integration including REST or Javascript APIs. We also offer the flexibility of integrating with data sets in the form of Excel spreadsheets, Google sheets, or SmartSheets, if your school prefers an approach that may be less dependent on IT resources.


Student Lifecycle Technology & Process Ecosystem

Do your technology and business operations support a successful student lifecycle? 

Learn more about common challenges and how MindMax can help you achieve a desired state ecosystem.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • What is the desired state ecosystem
  • Directional flow of the components of the ecosystem
  • Examples of common reality ecosystems
  • The path to a desired state ecosystem
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