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Mindmaxing Podcast: Episode 12 with Melik Khoury

Podcast Guest - Melik Khoury

Unity College President Melik Peter Khoury, D.B.A., expects to see significant changes in higher education post-pandemic in the forms of more closures, more mergers, and more overall transformations. “We at Unity College are trying to transform our model to be one that does not talk about innovation, but one that innovates, to design pedagogy and curriculum and pricing specifically for each different type of student, instead of a one-size-fits-all,” Melik said. “That’s the exciting thing about the future, is we don’t know [how] it’s going to end up.”

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  1. CJ O'Connor says:

    I enjoyed this podcast with Dr, Khoury of Unity College in Maine.
    With the Pandemic and life in general and especially education, Unity seems to have found innovative ways to stay alive.
    There are multiple ways to educate!
    Nothing as we know it will return to the “way it was”.
    So smart, understanding educators like him will save some of the small colleges from disaster.

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