MindMax has the tools and talent to help you reach your marketing goals, whether that means developing campaigns that introduce programs and brands to the marketplace or filling the top of the funnel with strong, qualified leads.

After a collaborative discovery period, we will develop lead-generation or demand-generation campaigns that feel true to your brand in look, voice, and tone. 

Simply put, we work directly with our partners.

Our process keeps you informed from engagement kickoff through execution to ensure that we reach the right audiences, acquire qualified leads, nurture and re-target those leads, and last (but certainly not least), reach enrollment goals.

Our team delivers:

Building and executing targeted, powerful digital advertising campaigns, MindMax provides everything from creative to ad-spend recommendations. Our team specializes in implementing paid search, display ads, social media marketing, and remarketing.

MindMax utilizes its industry experience to develop digital advertising assets, such as banner and social media ads, to promote your brand and programs. With the latest design trends in mind, we create tailored designs to showcase your brand and your programs.

Our content marketing takes a strategic approach to creating and distributing valuable content to attract and enroll potential students. MindMax will develop unique messaging strategies to connect with prospects through email, blog posts, social media, and video.

Re-enrollment Services

Reengage and re-enroll your stopped-out students with MindMax’s Re-enrollment Services. Our compassionate outreach solutions provide your school with a customized reenrollment strategic plan and roadmap, supporting technology and the added bandwidth of our enrollment services contact center.

Revenue-Share Partnerships

Through our revenue-share model, MindMax can customize a strategy to market and enroll students in your programs, with a combination of in-house digital and enrollment services as part of the equation. We will take the time to learn about you and design solutions that work specifically for your students using proven best practices.