When you work with MindMax, you get a smarter marketing and enrollment experience.

We use business intelligence, strategic planning, and data-informed decision making to increase your performance in marketing and enrollment management. In short, we find qualified students and help enroll them in your programs.

Our partnerships are:


We offer marketing and enrollment support that’s a perfect fit for your school’s vision and goals.


We consider the entire student journey and experience in every engagement.


Our team will cut down on the noise of meaningless data and home in on the metrics that really matter.


MindMax will work with you to analyze data and develop insights so you can adapt and adjust.

MindMax services

Enrollment Intelligence

Our Enrollment Intelligence (EI) platform aggregates your data to provide you with actionable insights throughout the enrollment cycle.

Demand Generation

Our demand generation strategies focus on the numbers that count: increasing applicants and enrollments for your school’s programs.

Increase Enrollments

MindMax offers your institution an outsourced enrollment team that can communicate with prospects in real time.

Advisory Services

Our advisory services produce an actionable plan in marketing, enrollment, data analysis, or student experience — or a combination of the four.