4 Ways to Turn Educational Obstacles into Opportunities

4 Ways to Turn Educational Obstacles into Opportunities

When it comes to the virtual classroom, it’s never been clearer: “remote learning” is not the same thing as true online education. There’s a stark difference between intentional, long-term investment in online programming and unexpectedly having to shift your classes onto Zoom.

While some schools have a tenuous hold on hybrid or fully in-person models, the imperative to create sustainable platforms and content for online education remains. 

And colleges need to figure out how to deliver more value in their online instruction quickly; students and parents are pushing back against the minimal discounts being offered on their staggering tuition fees. 

The challenges to upgrading online education are obvious, but this format has its own benefits, too. On-demand courses, real-time chats, and seamless multimedia experiences all serve the needs of today’s college students—if they’re done right. The biggest obstacle is not a lack of the necessary technology but often an unwillingness to change to and adapt.

MindMax isn’t in the business of designing curricula, but we do work closely with schools to have created world class online education. Marketing and education are closely linked, and with the right frame of reference, the same obstacles to education (and marketing) can become opportunities for your institution:

No more captive audience? 

  • Educational opportunity: Instead of specific class times tied to a physical location, create on-demand content that can be accessed around the world.
  • Marketing opportunity: Use digital advertising techniques such as retargeting to create visibility in the online spaces where potential students frequent.

Grappling with divided attention? 

  • Educational opportunity: Use the power of technology and multiple media to deliver your content in smaller modules that reach all types of learners. 
  • Marketing opportunity: Create a buyer’s journey of small, easy-to-take actions that don’t require complex forms or a major time commitment.

Disconnected from direct conversation? 

  • Educational opportunity: Put your TAs on live chat to answer questions in real time during class.
  • Marketing opportunity: Address potential students’ questions in a timely manner with personal, round the clock support via live chat, email, and phone.

Worried about the competition? 

  • Educational opportunity: The online space is crowded, but it’s also an equalizer. Rather than relying on your institution’s prestige and historic standing, design high-quality learning experiences worth students’ investment.
  • Marketing opportunity: Create a strategic marketing and enrollment plan, which can be adjusted based on real-time data, that lets you focus on your own results and success.

When building both academic curricula and marketing and enrollment strategy, you always need to stay focused on who you’re serving and the reality of their experience. When you do something worth paying attention to, the right students will sit up and take notice.

As you reimagine online education, MindMax can partner with you to attract, promote, engage, and enroll students into your programs. Our exclusive focus on higher education gives us in-depth understanding of the challenges your school is facing—as well as the right solutions to meet your needs.

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