Mindmaxing Podcast: Episode 24 with Mariana Amatullo

Mindmaxing Podcast: Episode 24 with Mariana Amatullo

The pandemic presented many barriers to higher education. But it also catalyzed demand for more accessible education. 

In the latest episode of our MindMaxing Podcast series, “Adolescence to Adulthood,” Lee Maxey speaks with Dr. Mariana Amatullo, Vice Provost for Global Executive Education and Online Strategic Initiatives at Parsons School of Design at The New School

The pandemic forced many educators to experiment with remote learning for the first time, and while that was challenging, it also sparked innovation. Now, there’s a continued desire for education that is more accessible, especially for learners with complex lives. 

Dr. Amatullo shares, “We’re seeing an appetite for the flexibility of learning on their own terms and their own time that a hybrid model allows.”  

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