Mindmaxing Podcast: Episode 6 with Jerry Rhead

Gerald “Jerry” Rhead headshot

Mindmaxing Podcast: Episode 6 with Jerry Rhead

Looking ahead after a tumultuous year in higher education, Michigan State University Director of Academic Entrepreneurship Gerald “Jerry” Rhead tries to keep a balanced perspective. “A lot of stuff got done in the last year. Some of it great, some of it maybe not so great, but you have an opportunity to look at that from a balanced perspective and say ‘What worked? What do we want to continue to do? How does that benefit our learner?’,” Jerry said in episode six of MindMaxing. Listen to MindMax CEO Lee Maxey’s full conversation with Jerry to hear more about how he believes the University is positioned in the short term to continue building on changes made due to the pandemic, and his overall outlook on the state of higher education.

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