Partner Spotlight: Rhode Island School of Design Continuing Education

Partner Spotlight: Rhode Island School of Design Continuing Education

Here at MindMax, we align the work we do for our university partners with our mission and values. Our mission is to be responsive to the ongoing and evolving needs of higher education. As we work to connect today’s students with universities and programs that fit their professional and personal goals, we strive to fulfill our five core values:

  • Get Results
  • Learn Always
  • Align to Each University Partner’s Mission
  • Build Meaningful Relationships
  • Ask for Help

One of our educational partners is Rhode Island School of Design Continuing Education (RISD CE). MindMax works closely with the internal RISD CE team to augment their marketing efforts with lead generation and nurturing strategies and campaigns. We focus on their key growth areas: Adult Extension, Young Artist Program, the Westerly Education Center, Pre-College Program, and Summer Programs for adults.

“MindMax has a comprehensive and genuine approach to understanding our programs and our culture,” said Sarah Caggiano, executive director of RISD CE. “We embarked on new and uncharted territory for our office, and they helped bring us up to speed, set up our ad spending accounts, and transitioned us from our previous vendor. They did this with no disruption or gap in our workflow.”

RISD CE tapped MindMax’s advisory services to find new ways to improve the prospective student’s journey—from lead capture to nurture to enrollment. We implement marketing and enrollment campaigns that give RISD CE access to expert resources and technologies to maximize exposure to potential students. We run digital marketing campaigns with Google Adwords, optimizing for conversions and reporting on results with Google Analytics. We also oversee social campaigns on Facebook, ensuring that posts target a qualified audience, and track the metrics.

“MindMax is responsive to all of our ideas and suggestions, but do their own work to generate the majority of our Adwords and such. They also made a lot of our digital marketing trackable, which we weren’t able to do before,” Sarah continued.

We built our relationship with RISD CE upon a trusted and sound foundation, always keeping our core values at the forefront in our work. MindMax and the RISD CE team consult each another on new ideas and suggestions, and we never hesitate to ask questions. 

“The RISD CE team has been a pleasure to work with and is open and receptive to learning new digital marketing and enrollment strategies. In return, we are interested in learning about their expansive program offerings, impacting our outreach to the art community. RISD CE is a fun and interesting partner school, and we look forward to continually building upon our relationship,” said Sarah Davies, senior marketing coordinator at MindMax.

Sarah Caggiano added:

“MindMax has exceeded our expectations and has been exceptional to work with. Last but not least, they are great people who have integrity. You can’t put a price tag on this!”