Seizing New Opportunities for Enrollment

The field of continuing education is a burgeoning market. MindMax partners with universities to capitalize on that opportunity with technology-enabled services designed to help schools reach their specific enrollment goals.

The needs of professionals and the overall population of adult learners have changed significantly—how an individual makes a decision about which programs or courses to take is very different today than even just a few years ago.

Today’s digitally aware students expect a sophisticated level of outreach and response from universities. The marketing lifecycle has also expanded, opening up new opportunities to impact various stages within the recruitment process and track students’ digital behavior to encourage enrollment. Currently, there exists a gap in universities’ marketing and enrollment efforts and this new adult learner.

MindMax understands how to find qualified students for university programs and how to connect to today’s adult learners—we help match students with university programs that meet their needs and goals. We have the industry expertise and coordinated resources to offer a shared service model to address this gap, an approach that is both economic and efficient in helping schools achieve revenue and expansion goals.

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Trusted Partner and Advisor

MindMax is exclusively dedicated to increasing enrollments for higher education institutions. We understand the evolving needs of higher education and partner with universities to drive enrollment for everyone but the 18-year-old freshman including continuing education programs, professional programs, online programs, graduate programs, and special session programs such as winter and summer session.

We are a trusted advisor and partner to some of the most distinguished universities in the world, including Boston University, Southern Methodist University, the University of California at Irvine, and the University of Vermont, to name a few. See our Who We Work With page for more information.

We work collaboratively with our university partners, listening carefully to each client’s specific needs to develop mission-aligned solutions. We provide our educational partners with the strategic guidance, analytics, processes, and tools to optimize their marketing and enrollment operations. We deliver the agility that schools need to reach and nurture today’s students, adding both capacity and internal capabilities to their marketing resources.

MindMax ensures that outreach to students is always consistent with each university’s brand, voice, and mission. Whether by digital media, phone, or email, we engage prospective students in personal, interactive, and constructive dialogues designed to introduce them to our partner schools and programs.

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Delivering Enrollment Intelligence

MindMax takes a holistic approach to driving enrollment, taking into account all the factors contributing to a student’s decision-making process. This approach encompasses a combination of holistic marketing and recruitment enrollment with solutions tailored to the individual needs of our partner universities.

To begin, we deliver data-driven insights into the entire student lifecycle, specific to our partner institution. From initial inquiry to application to course registration, we can help tackle the most pressing enrollment challenges.  For demand generation, we develop plans to increase traffic to your school’s website using digital and traditional marketing tactics, with the focus on helping students take the next step in reaching their educational goals, whether that’s finding the right program, filling out an application, or signing up for another course.

We help universities create more effective enrollment processes and nurture experiences for students. In doing so, we understand the importance of harnessing data from disparate systems and platforms to inform decision-making—therefore, our solutions are platform agnostic. If your university has a marketing and enrollment technology solution in place, we help you realize the greatest possible return on that investment. If you’re in need of a new solution, we provide access to best-in-class, cloud-based marketing, and enrollment platforms, including CRM, Marketing Automation, eCommerce shopping cart, live chat software, and centralized reporting and dashboard Enrollment Intelligence.

We provide our partner schools with a fully customized services resource with the flexibility to take on the complete range of services—managing the people, processes, and tools to optimize marketing and enrollment—or as much of the total solution as your school requires. By leveraging best practices, scalable technologies, and an extended expert workforce, MindMax can augment your school’s existing strengths—as well as fill in any gaps—to expand your reach to potential students and drive your university’s enrollment and revenue.

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