Seizing New Opportunities for Enrollment

Your institution needs to find and enroll qualified students in the right programs—but you have finite resources to make it happen..

You’re doing some marketing right now, but you aren’t sure how well it’s working. The data is confusing. You’re constantly switching tactics to try something new. Meanwhile, you’re spending time and money without a clear sense of your ROI..

It’s time to leave mediocre marketing funnels, immeasurable metrics, and ineffective enrollment services behind.

When you work with MindMax, you get a smarter marketing and enrollment experience. We use business intelligence, strategic planning, and data-informed decision-making to increase your performance in marketing and enrollment management.

In short, we find qualified students and help enroll them in your programs.

When you work with MindMax, you get a partnership that’s:

  • Mission-Aligned
    Marketing and enrollment support that’s a perfect fit for your school’s vision and goals
  • Strategic
    Considering the entire student journey and experience in every engagement
  • Focused
    Cutting down on the noise of meaningless data and hone in on the metrics that really matter
  • Agile
    Building relationships between your data and the responsive team that analyzes it so you can adapt and adjust

Core Services

Enrollment Intelligence

Accurate, relevant data is the foundation for a successful enrollment strategy.

MindMax’s Enrollment Intelligence (EI) platform applies business intelligence and real-time data to help you calibrate, adjust, and improve your success in recruiting and enrollment.

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Demand Generation
You need marketing that does more than bring traffic to your website.

Our demand generation strategies focus on the numbers that count: increasing applicants and enrollments for your school’s programs.

See why our digital marketing is different.

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Enrollment Management

When students are considering your school, the right support can be the difference between an enrollment and an abandoned application.

MindMax keeps potential students interested through multichannel outreach and follow-up communication, including calls, emails, and live chat operations.

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Custom Services

Advisory Services

Before you take action—and invest resources—in your marketing, you need a plan that’s strategically sound.

In an advisory service engagement, we’ll develop a data-supported action plan that offers insights and clear next steps for your organization.

Improve the efficiency of your marketing, enrollment processes, and student experience.

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MindMax Partnership Model

Partner with MindMax to distribute risk and share rewards for your online programs through the creation of a revenue-share arrangement.

We take care of the marketing, letting you focus on providing a high-quality educational experience.

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