The MindMax leadership team has more than 75 years of combined experience in the education field, and its members are proud to be part of our engagements from start to finish.

Founder and CEO

Lee Maxey

Since founding MindMax, Lee has helped dozens of partners reach their enrollment goals, while taking pride in building meaningful relationships.

The MindMax Team

Brian DiScipio,
Vice President of Technology

Brian is an expert in establishing strategic roadmaps to drive enrollments. He plans the information technology for our university partners.

Emily Wright Brognano,
Customer Success and Creative Manager

Emily ensures our partners’ success by overseeing creative strategy and MindMax team processes and accountabilities.

Chris Aldrich,
Marketing Director

Chris oversees our marketing team, leading the implementation of omni-channel strategies on behalf of our partners.

Kevin Smith,
Enrollment Services Manager

Kevin develops and implements communication and outreach strategies to drive enrollment on behalf of our university partners.